About Us


At Wish Atlanta our mission is to make an impact in our community and beyond by bringing inspiration and influence to the intersecting world of art, fashion and culture. 

For the past 20 years Wish has created a one of a kind customer experience for the local and global community. Our focus has always been to find unique talent, tell compelling stories, and to shine light on new artists and designers from around the world. Founder Lauren Amos and Partner/CEO Julie Hogg are recognized as one of the few women owned sneaker and streetwear boutiques across the globe. The pair have made a committed effort to champion the movement of women in the industry alongside other many important social issues that affect our local and global community. 

Wish Atlanta’s success has been built off its unique point of view, housing the most popular exclusive brands, designers and artists; while offering a platform and voice to new and upcoming talents. Atlanta’s culture and people are the heart and soul of the business. At Wish Atlanta, we highlight Atlanta's greatest artists, musicians, designers, athletes, risk takers, & game changers on a collaborative mission to inspire our community and influence the world.

about us


Our Vision is to showcase our community to the world and bring the world to our community.
About Us



We value community and customer service and strive to remain authentic, honest and fair in all we do.

Women Owned

We are proud to be women owned and operated.


We have a story to tell. We strive to tell unique and captivating stories ranging from product creation to highlighting creatives and individuals within our community.