Atlanta’s style elite are able to find the highly sought-after, limited edition footwear brands which have formed the bastion of Wish’s identity, alongside unique, handpicked fashion pieces from international designers under one roof.

Located in Little Five Points (L5P), Wish rests in the center of one of Atlanta’s most vibrant and edgy districts. L5P has long been a destination that attracts visitors with multifarious lifestyles, and Wish endeavors to expand the fashion offerings for its urbane clientele. The iconic store reopened August 2020 with a radical redesign.Lauren Amos, owner and creative driving force behind Wish describes the concept behind the store design as the amalgamation of three distinct elements: chaos and anarchy, reflecting the raw urban energy which lies at the very root of the store; repetition and order, reflecting the space’s original municipal use and its actual physical grid-like structure; and an edgy sense of contemporary design reflecting the breakthrough labels now housed in the store.
The Wish Remix rethinks the purpose of common building elements and how we experience them. HVAC ductwork that would typically be ceiling-mounted has been flipped to floor-level, creating forms reminiscent of skate park elements like kinked rails and flatbars that now house curated apparel and accessories. Modular wall panels invite future collaborations with artists and currently feature custom graphics by Atlanta-based artist Sage Guillory, who has also been featured at Wish Gallery, Wish ATL’s dedicated art exhibition space. Fifty-five thousand shoelaces woven into a perforated metal wall create the impression of broadcast television static and act as a background for Wish’s impressive collection of SNAP BACKS. A blue carpet runway inset in a concrete field winds through the space, leading customers along custom-designed steel, bronze, and suede hanging racks.Wish ATL, architectural design by Chris Benfield of Benfield Partners and interior design by Chris Benfield and Greta Hansen, Hite Design, took inspiration from Wish’s fifteen years of creative cultural engagement and energy. The Wish Remix builds on the notion of the remix in music: a collaboration where a work’s original form is sampled, re-imagined, and recombined with new elements. The Wish Remix is just such a collaboration with the creative community of Atlanta, street wear and sneaker-head culture, and the building’s architectural history.Using 10,000 books to create a stairway that descends down into the sneaker vault like a secret passageway. The basement holds two chambers. The room within a room is a concept of Bibliotiques of Europe which had an archival sealed room within the library that contained the most prized possessions. The 2nd chamber is reminiscent of a safety deposit box vault meant to house valuables. This honors the cultural importance of sneakers while also recalling the building’s original identity as a Carnegie library.Customers will pass through a monolithic portal into the first chamber, which features alternating glass panels and gold-leafed sneaker displays that reference medieval reliquaries. The room, which is constructed to reveal the building’s original granite foundation, will naturally draw viewers’ eyes to the shoes on display. Ten tons of river rock boulders complement this space, carved into seating by stone artisans from the granite capital of the world, Elberton, GA. In a second chamber, the walls are lined with a custom fabricated stainless steel matrix housing individual shoes in cubbies that reference safety deposit boxes.Wish is a unique destination housing fashion pieces by less than obvious, breakthrough designers from all over the world. Limited supplies of hard to find, much-anticipated wares have been key to Wish’s success from the start. One of the Southeast’s foremost outlets for the world’s most exclusive footwear brands, Wish has long been in the enviable position of being one of a select number of stores throughout the country permitted to sell those brands’ most sought-after, limited-edition lines. Long queues of in-the-know clientele have been seen snaking around the block when these coveted brands arrive featuring: Nike QS, Jordan Brand, Adidas Consortium, Yohji Yahmamoto Y-3, and Vans Vault.

If you're unable to experience our newly designed storefront in person, visit our online interactive tour here.