Wish ATL x Sprite: The Give Back

Wish ATL x Sprite: The Give Back

Join us in congratulating these talented and burgeoning creatives and stay tuned as we highlight their processes toward showcasing their work in week-long pop up shop where you will be able to shop their products and pieces.


Adana Tillman born in Akron, Ohio now based in Atlanta, GA as an artist working in fiber/textiles. She first began at an early age helping her mother to create quilts and tackle other creative projects. Her training began with magnet arts programs throughout high school into college. She examines figurative portraiture within the urban landscape, focusing on black youth incorporating various textiles and hand embroidery.

After being awarded the 2019 Garden Fellowship with TILA studios, she has exhibited most recently with PRIZM in Miami for Art Basel in 2019. Upcoming accomplishments include a residency with Hambidge Creative Center in August 2020, and a group show with TILA studios in conjunction with the Atlanta mayor’s office this fall.

Founded in 2015 in Atlanta, GA, the label takes a unique perspective on design with inspirations from streetwear, architecture, and music.
Amōure's aesthetic is a refined approach to streetwear - focusing on cut, fit, and construction - whilst continually elevating with each release toward timeless and staple pieces. As an Atlanta based label, Amōure's goal is to be embedded in the city's culture through storytelling, social commentary and thoughtful design.

Andromeda is a brand created by 3 friends with broad interests (Eddie, Evan, and Caleb). Sharing the same interest in media and music pop culture, which they enjoyed growing up in, has molded them and allowed them to create a brand to interpret and make their own version of things they enjoy.

Their mission is to make important references to society and pop culture by holding a mirror instead of pointing a finger.

Chechi Udumah is a 23 year old first generation Nigerian American artist based in Atlanta, GA. She practices in multiple forms of art, but her primary focus is painting.

Udumah explores the connection and relationship between the physical body and the subconscious mind. By understanding her subconscious and way of thinking, the artist hopes to understand the power it has over the body.

“The creator created a creator to create creations.”

"I, Mya Dudley, also known as “Charlie Chuck”, from the DMV have lived by that phrase ever since I was young. Now, at the age of twenty-seven, I believe in that same phrase more than ever. I know we were all placed on this Earth to leave a mark, a fingerprint, something everlasting. In 2011, I moved to Atlanta to obtain my degree at Clark Atlanta University in Public Relations. While attending CAU, I was hired to work at a boutique called Wish ATL.

It felt natural to work there when discovering an authentic unique vibe. It was the first boutique that provided an unforgettable experience of great streetwear culture. I fell in love with the exclusivity and hype-beast inventory, in which I have always embraced throughout my own fashion experience. Being blessed with the opportunity to work at Wish for nearly two and a half years, I learned streetwear and enhanced my passion for the market even more. Wish ATL is forever home to me and I am thankful to have been apart of a movement so powerful."

Ellex Swavoni is a multi-disciplinary, contemporary artist hailing from Louisville, Ky. As a child, she became enchanted by art toy design and the onslaught of information the internet brought. Throughout her formative years, she taught herself the art of sculpting, mold making, and other home manufacturing techniques.

She uses her love for toy design, sculpting, ancient spirituality, and graphic design, to create sobering works that speak on her view of the world around her. She captures and translates her experiences into future ancient symbols, music, and minimal abstract works. She makes art toys, fine art sculpture, and is currently transitioning into making functional art from textile waste.

Emmanuel Massilon
Emmanuel Massillon (born 1998 in Washington D.C.) is an African American artist who works in several different mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. With these varying mediums, he explores the complex history of race, identity, culture and it’s the relation to people of African descent. Massillon’s upbringing in the inner city of Washington D.C. shapes the narrative of what he strives to convey through his work, which is introducing others to new ideas by creating work from day-to-day life to politically charged topics . With this, he aims for his viewers to start and explore conversations that may or may not have been previously spoken about. 

With influences as diverse as David Hammons, David Hockney, and Alex Katz, Massillon uses many reference points to get his ideas across to his viewers, in a simple yet evoking manner. When he isn’t painting, taking photos, or sculpting, he can be found curating shows to shed light on artists looking to share a similar narrative. Massillon currently attends The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City and is pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts. In recognition of his academic and artistic accomplishments, Massillon was selected as a recipient of the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship and a recipient of the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities Exhibitions (Curatorial) Grant in the amount of $25,000. His work has also been included in museum exhibitions such as The Cookout: Kinfolk and Other Intimacies an exhibition at MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts) Massillon currently lives and works between New York City, Atlanta, Georgia and Washington DC.

Emmanuel Rivas is a self taught visual artist currently working and living out of Atlanta.

“I always used to say, ‘I want the viewer of my art to leave with some new self realization or reflection.’ However as nice is that is. I create works that broadcast, “My Inner”. Which consists of a pretty grand spectrum of everything; my memories, reflections, convictions, truths, lies, love, hate, emotions, and Everything in-between. Therefore, my artwork is extremely selfish, and is a, Right of Passage, for me personally.”

Few Less is an American streetwear brand founded by Winter Frazier in 2016.

"Designed to narrate personal stories and influences to inspire those after me. Most notable for our heavily influenced athleisure aesthetics. We bring forth a mix of chic, minimalistic ready-to-wear collections. Few Less prides ourselves on detail, guaranteeing functional yet timeless garments brought to you through our lens."


Create Your World, Then Live In It

The World belongs to those who create their own rules & live by them. We are all blessed with a canvas, & those that are willing to paint, experience & impact the world in incredible, legendary ways. So…

Who are you? What do you represent?

What’s your purpose? Where do you want to go? What are you willing to sacrifice?

The choice is yours.

Long gone are the days of “maybe”, “if”, and “one day”, but replaced with “will”, “today”, and “I am”. Break away from average thinking & doing. Explore, take risks, make a statement. Sound will be more vivid, colors will be more vibrant, life will be fuller, & you will elevate f u r t h e r.

You hold map to your destination.

On the other side of uncertainty & procrastination awaits Ocean-sized Opportunity.

Take your chance. Don’t Be Afraid to Jump In.


Jasmine Nicole Williams is a Black American visual artist born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She received her BFA in Printmaking from the University of West Georgia. Her work centers identity and personal politics where she explores her southern, black, and femme identities. In her practice, she gives space for black women and girls to exist without limits.

Jasmine serves on Atlanta Printmaker Studio’s board of directors. She is a 2020 Hambidge Resident, 2018 SGC International Undergraduate Fellow, and recipient of the Dream Warriors Foundation’s inaugural Spark Grant. She continues her practice in Atlanta, GA.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kendall Bessent is a 20-year-old photographer and creative director. He uses his work to show his interpretation of the world around him, whether that be the past, present, or future.

Influenced by the Black diaspora, he focuses on capturing all aspects of Blackness. Kendall prides his work on being what he calls “unapologetically Black”. Blatant Blackness is what Kendall loves and what he wants his work to show.

Mark Anthony Brown Jr. was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mark is an artist working in the medium of photography based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The artist’s works seamlessly aligns with traditional street photography while simultaneously fulfilling the responsibility as a black artist in addressing social issues unique to his experience as a Black American. Brown’s identity and life experiences as black man has evident influences on his work; from process to subject matter— this perspective provides the artist the opportunity to create authentic & provoking imagery from a credible point of view of the black experience. Mark’s work is centered around likeness between humanity, black representation, and understated black narratives. The artist currently lives and works in Atlanta, Ga.

“Faith Not Sight.” - D.Mapp, Founder and Designer of Melrose High
Daryl “D Mapp” Mapp is a dreamer who has never lived in the real world.  Following his heart and dreams to the end, he has successfully turned his talent for design into a platform for expressing his own individuality and ability to showcase the times and foundations of present society. Able to design in multiple facets, which he refers to as being “like water” since he can change the focus depending on what he adds to the style, D Mapp is a designer with more than just the “know how” to design; he is in addition a true student of fashion ready to soak up every possible lesson and opportunity.
"My name is Nigel Xavier. I was born in California but have been moving all my life. I came to Atlanta in 2010 and have been here ever since. I graduated from SCAD for fashion design, and now I push my brand MOONMAN full time. My most known work has been designing for the Migos and Drake Tour, Patchwork Denim Couch, Denim Air Force ones, and my passion for reworked clothing and materials. I see my work more than just clothes and furniture, but more of art pieces that I would have placed in a gallery. With my brand, I plan to make those two worlds collide full force."

"Our mission is to make innovative and sustainable ideas that bring the community together and inspire. We plan to give our customers a unique experience that will be personalized to each individual."

Rita P. Harper
Rita P. Harper is a documentary photographer/photojournalist from Atlanta,GA. Harper documents the everyday working class black individual in ways that show their grace, elegance, and dignity.

She uses her photography to tell the stories of aboriginals in the city of Atlanta ; a people who are often forgotten, but are the true thread and fabric of our culture as a city. It is her mission to change and alter perspectives of the everyday black individual, and have viewers empathize not sympathize with her subjects.

Antione Joyner is a designer born and raised from Atlanta, Ga. He uses his brand Roygbiv Products to express his creativity with strong color palettes and graphics that have to do with topics going on in today’s society.

"Our mission at Roygbiv Products is to stand out from any other brand with strong color palettes."

Sergio Suárez (B.1995) is a Mexican born, Atlanta based visual artist and printmaker. He uses the mediums of printmaking, painting, and sculpture, to explore language and the structure of materiality in relation to the aesthetic experience of time.

His work has been shown around Atlanta, in spaces like the Welch Gallery at GSU, the Abernathy Arts Center, Pulp Gallery, Notch 8 Gallery, the Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta, ShowerHaus gallery, Atlanta Contemporary and MoCA GA. Internationally he’s shown at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London, the Haugesund International Relief Festival in Norway, OPED space in Tokyo, and the Ionian Arts Center in Greece; where he also was a resident in 2017 and 18. His work is also included in the SGCI archives of the Zuckerman Museum. He lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Jason Andrew has been creating custom leather handbags and accessories for the past decade. He first started leather-working as a hobby to bring his ideas to life. His very first project was a leather W.W.J.D bracelet similar to the one in the 90’s, which he thought was a Herculean effort at the time. Since then, he’s been able to refine his craft and collaborate with a diverse set of creators on larger and more complex projects.

Sundries creates quality small batch and custom leather goods that complement an individual’s lifestyle.


As Atlanta continues to grow as a city for art & fashion we understand our responsibility with our platform to help push the city's talents to the world.

WISH ATL and THE GALLERY have partnered with SPRITE in an effort to give back.

Sprite has generously donated money for us to “pay forward” in an effort to support the community that supports us!

We will provide $2,500 to ten designers & ten visual artists to help support them & enrich their work during these uncertain times.
We will award selected brands & artists with the funding as well as a week-long pop up shop to support the sales of their work.
As Atlanta continues to grow as a city for art & fashion we understand our responsibility with our platform to help push the city’s talents to the world.
Whether it is finishing a piece, buying material for a line, sourcing capital for production...

Our goal is to help sustain the community that we love and empower creatives in the process.