We’re kicking off Women’s History Month with a special Girls Who Dress Like Boys collaborative collection, a brand crafted for women by women and a place that breaks gender norms, available exclusively at Wish ATL.

Girls Who Dress Like Boys is a contemporary brand created by first-generation Filipina Kimberlyanne that merges fashion, art & music. Founded in her Newark, NJ apartment, it started in 2018 with the goal and ambition to create a community and space for women that love sneakers and sportswear.
Kimberly started off highlighting and interviewing women and, with the brand slowly growing in 2019, Kimberly turned to her best friend Samantha to help with partnerships and marketing. Within that same year, Samantha was able to lock in a partnership with ENVSN where both parties collaborated to highlight women and their style. ENVSN Festival was also the brand's first IRL experience where they tested a small run of sneaker keychains, hoodies, and tote bags that were screen printed by Kimberly herself at a local printing shop in Newark.
The 2020 pandemic put a slight pause on a few plans that the brand had, but Kimberly continued to brainstorm and develop Girls. In 2021, the clothing and lifestyle line of Girls Who Dress Like Boys launched, which included an array of contemporary unisex clothing and goods such as a cut & sew Kimono Jacket, tapestry blankets, hoodies and candles. Within that same year, GWDLB was invited to ComplexCon and showcased the array of products. Kimberly then brought Kristine into the fold to help manage the booth and handle sales & operations. The brand received a ton of great feedback by consumers, a lot of them stating they could relate to the brand and how they felt “seen.” Girls continued to gain traction and were invited back to ComplexCon in 2022.
"I draw a lot of my influence from daily experiences/encounters. Anything can really trigger my creative process. Even things in my past or things that I see on a daily basis. My brain works in such a weird way. Of course there are also influences in fashion. The first few that come to mind would be Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Virgil Abloh, and Junya Wantanabe." --KIMBERLY
"Being a woman in this industry is empowering, and knowing that it’s so heavily dominated by males honestly inspires me to continue to push forward so that I can make an impact big or small."--KIMBERLY
"For me, being a woman in the industry means representation. As a multifaceted creative who stays true to her style, it's beautiful to work with and be inspired by so many women doing the same. There's a spot for everyone and just so much innovation within different lanes."--SAMANTHA
"I’ve been a witness to much of the culture’s evolution from the sidelines, but since working with Girls Who Dress Like Boys, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the potential women have to break the barriers of the pre-dominant boys-club. It’s an inspiration to be able to work with and empower women to make their mark in this realm."--KRISTINE
"The goal for this year is to continue to grow and develop the brand. Get the name out there, pump out more cool things and develop more products, but I would just follow us @GirlsWhoDressLikeBoys for any updates."
Stop by our in-store pop-up event this Saturday, March 4th between 12-5 PM and, paying homage to Women's History Month, we’ll be giving women their flowers with each purchase from the collection at the “GWDLB Flower Shop”.