SCAD announces Sneaker Design Minor

SCAD announces Sneaker Design Minor

Building on student interest and alumni success in the sneaker industry, SCAD has introduced a sneaker design minor that prepares students to create their own trendsetting kicks and launch into an $80 billion industry — one that's expected to soar past $120 billion within the next few years.

"From streetwear to sportswear, SCAD Bees define what is hot, haute, and happening. SCAD grads work for the biggest names in the shoe game. They launch their own lines, too, like Q4 Sports, where SCAD alum Quintin Williams teams up with NBA stars to design shoes that command the spotlight. So many SCAD Bees are already at the top of the sneaker game, and SCAD's new sneaker design program empowers future sneakerheads everywhere to leap into their creative careers. It's a slam dunk."

Paula Wallace | SCAD President and Founder

As strong supporters of SCAD with a few alumni a part of the Wish team, we're excited to to see the sneaker design minor take flight.

Click here to visit SCAD and learn more about the program.

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