Celebrating Juneteenth: Highlighting Artists At Wish

Celebrating Juneteenth: Highlighting Artists At Wish

Celebrating Juneteenth: Highlighting Artists at WishATL

This Juneteenth, WishATL proudly showcases the talent and creativity of four exceptional artists in our store, honoring their contributions to art and culture. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style, enriching our space with their vibrant works and narratives. From June 19th to 30th, we will be showcasing one piece of original artwork from each artist in-store. We encourage you to visit us and experience these remarkable works firsthand for a limited time.

1. Darrius Ford, aka, Spraykid Known for his innovation in graffiti art and art direction, Darrius Ford, aka Spraykid, has curated for the Art of Banksy tour and exhibited in prestigious venues like The MOMA and NBA All-Star Weekend. His work merges creativity with commercial viability, making him a pivotal figure in the art scene.

2. Chechi Udumah Chechi Udumah's surrealistic paintings delve into the interactions of multidimensional figures, exploring themes of sight and the relationship between the physical and invisible self. Her work serves as a profound tool for introspection and reflection.

3. Trey Dowell Trey Dowell's art speaks to the modern age, addressing themes of attention, communication, and intimacy in a digital world. His technique blends analog painting with digital influence, creating portraits that challenge perceptions of identity and connection.

4. Leslie Anne Leslie Anne celebrates Black culture and women through vibrant self-portraits and celestial motifs. Her art invites viewers to explore shared experiences and delve into the complexities of human emotions and vulnerability.

Throughout our store, their art hangs proudly, each piece a testament to their talent and creativity. Beyond our physical space, we're sharing their stories across social media, inviting our community to engage with their narratives and celebrate their contributions to art and culture.

Join us in honoring these Black artists this Juneteenth and beyond. Let their work inspire and uplift as we continue to champion diversity and creativity in all forms at WishATL. 

If you are interested in showcasing your art in future Wish events and artist series, please submit HERE.

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