Celebrating Black History Month: Spotlighting Black Excellence in Our Community and Beyond

Celebrating Black History Month: Spotlighting Black Excellence in Our Community and Beyond
As we commemorate Black History Month, it's important to honor the legacies and accomplishments of Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who continue to shape our communities, both now and into the future.

In the streets of Atlanta, a hub of cultural innovation and artistic expression, creatives thrive en mass, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to the city. Among them, we find individuals whose creativity knows no bounds, whose entrepreneurial spirit ignites change, and whose leadership inspires the next generation.

Meet Thrice Groove, an Atlanta-based DJ, producer, and co-founder of Player 99. With his roots firmly planted in the musical realm, Thrice channels his creative energy to cultivate progressive and inclusive experiences through music, visual arts, and lifestyle. His work serves as a beacon of connectivity, bridging communities both locally and beyond.

Ahmad Barber & Donté Maurice, the dynamic duo behind AB+DM Studio, have redefined the landscape of photography in Atlanta. Their journey began as a friendship and support system, evolving into a collaborative venture that brings a fresh perspective and representation to their craft. Through their lens, they capture the essence of Atlanta's vibrant culture and diverse communities.

Kiana Baldon, also known as Ki or Kiko by friends, is the founder of JENTL, a whipped body butter brand that emphasizes mindfulness and vulnerability. With a belief in the power of honest conversation, Kiana promotes self-care and self-expression through her products, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity.

Brian Wright, the co-founder and executive creative director of SIX DEGREES, leads with disruptive and innovative ideas in the realm of creative marketing. Through strategy, branding, design, and content production, Brian and his team develop solutions that leave a mark on brands and artists alike.

Neil Sneider, founder of Agenda Studios, has carved out a niche in the creative production industry, from photography to film production. With a commitment to excellence and creativity, Neil's studio serves as a hub for artistic expression and collaboration, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Bria Janelle, known as "The Voice of a Generation," is a sports media talent and in-arena host for major sports brands. Beyond her on-screen presence, Bria is the founder of the Bria Janelle Foundation, dedicated to youth empowerment and community development, embodying the spirit of leadership and service.

Marina Skye, also known as SetBySkye, is a multidisciplinary creative and owner of a set design/creative direction agency. From her beginnings in fashion to her current endeavors, Marina's keen eye for design and aesthetics has propelled her into the forefront of the creative industry, leaving her mark on Atlanta's cultural landscape.

These remarkable individuals exemplify the spirit of innovation, resilience, and creativity that continues to define Atlanta's vibrant cultural landscape. As we celebrate Black History Month, let us amplify their voices and honor their contributions to our communities and beyond.