We Have A Story To Tell: Our Wish ATL store gets a remix

The refreshed interior by Chris Benfield and Greta Hansen features unique details like skatepark rails and flat bars in the place of hardware, an installation made of 55,000 shoelaces, and an entire stairway constructed from books.
The overarching layout is inspired by the notion of a “remix” in music — it keeps the WISH ethos intact but adds multiple pieces of flair. Wall panels are modular and showcase the creations of Atlanta artist Sage Guillory.


Much like the original store, it now features a refreshed “shoe library,” a staple of the prior store. The new “shoe library” now features 10,000 books that form a stairway, a nod to the building’s history as the Carnegie library. Also, it features clay dioramas by artist Cindy Hsu that are made to look like a shoe design studio and production factory, and the stairs bring the consumer down into a “sneaker vault.”
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