Boardroom: The Dream Team: Wish ATL and Mitchell & Ness

Boardroom: The Dream Team: Wish ATL and Mitchell & Ness

In the vibrant heart of Atlanta, where hoopers and visionary artists mingle, Julie Hogg stands as a central figure in the city's cultural landscape.

With PR relations from the Atlanta Hawks, Hogg now leads as CEO of Wish ATL—a haven for fashion and sneakerheads alike. With an intimate understanding of Atlanta's dynamic spirit, Hogg infuses her role at Wish ATL with innovation. "We don't attract a boring customer," she says, reflecting on the store's clientele in an interview with Boardroom.

Under Hogg's leadership, Wish ATL has become a place where basketball intertwines seamlessly with contemporary fashion. From beloved franchise players to rappers, the store's doors welcome a diverse array of faces.

To delve deeper into Julie Hogg's journey and the allure of Wish ATL, read the full blog post here.

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