Ventilator Supreme Cam'Ron

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For this go-around, K Dot and Reebok have decided to use the Classic Leather Lux silhouette and covered it in a buttery olive leather upper that matches up nicely with the Fall season. The olive green upper represents the Compton saying that “mixing Red and Blue makes Green”; when we come together united we can inspire and encourage growth. Along with the olive upper we see accents of red and blue on the heel tabs, to symbolize the existing divide between gangs and to emphasize Kendrick’s message of a call for neutrality. A rubber gum outsole caps things off.


In inimitable Cam’ron style, the Cam’ron x Reebok Ventilator Supreme “Fleabok 2” is about as overwhelmingly pink as you can possibly get, and features suede uppers with “Dipset” embossed on the heel. A pink outsole is also incorporated, along with tonal camo pink laces and accents.


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