Waffle One SE 'Pro Green Rust Oxide'

$ 100

This item is not able to ship outside of the U.S.

Bringing a new look to the Waffle sneaker family, the Nike Waffle One balances everything you love about heritage Nike running with fresh innovations. Its new TPU heel clip adds energy while a mixture of transparent mesh (let that sock game shine) and retro suedes give texture and depth. The updated Waffle outsole provides a level of support and traction you have to feel to believe. 

  • Mixed upper features transparent mesh and soft suedes, adding dimension and texture to the shoe.

  • Dual stacked midsole keeps the classic wedge shape of the Waffle franchise for a soft, cushioned ride.

  • New TPU heel clip creates a dynamic look that adds support and energy while the stitching mixes DIY appeal with urban edginess.

  • Iconic rubber Waffle outsole has been updated with new molded lugs for added support, traction and durability.

  • The low-cut collar features soft edges for a sleek look that feels comfortable.

  • Rubber sole

  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

- DD8014-300

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