Offline 3.0 'Arctic Orange'

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Put the world on pause in the Nike Offline 3.0 Mule. The ribbed insole massages your foot, helping to keep you refreshed and relaxed. The padded, bootie-like upper with quilted fabric feels soft and airy. And wavy edges around the midsole mimic the calm movement of water. We think it's OK to do nothing—just do it comfortably.

Meditation for Your Feet
Calming and comfortable, the ribbed insole massages your foot with every step.

Goodnight, Feet
A sleeping bag made just for your feet, the soft, quilted fabric on the upper makes relaxing easy.

Refreshing Design
Inspired by everything relaxing, details include a drop-in footbed that cradles your foot and plush foam midsole for a feeling that can only be described as "Zzzen".

  • Layered upper features a rich texture of materials, including mesh, for more depth and breathability.

  • Rubber outsole adds traction and durability, so you can relax anywhere.

  • Fun, discoverable details let you know it's OK to rest.

- DJ5226-800

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