Air Force 1 Low Retro 'Color of the Month'

$ 150

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 Got your fave color yet? No worries. The "Color of the Month" series lets you feed your need while celebrating a little-known piece of Nike history—the original Color of the Month series, back in 1984, may have saved the AF1 from extinction. That's right, a reissue was uncertain in the shoe's early days, but sports shops in Baltimore saw them selling like hot cakes and knew the AF1 would become synonymous with street fashion and culture. So, they asked for custom colors to sell from their storefronts...and the rest is history. From the pristine materials to the crisp Chocolate-and-White colorway (plus the shoe-cleaning toothbrush to keep 'em looking fresh), these kicks deliver a lesson in coveted off-court style. Every time you rock your AF1s, be sure to think of the visionary shopkeepers in Baltimore that made it all happen.

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- DM0576-100

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