Asics America


Gel-Lyte Iii Og Gtx

$ 190

ASICS Sportstyle announces a new model of the GEL-LYTE Ⅲ OG sneaker, a joint work sneaker teamed up with mita sneakers and bal. mita sneakers is a sneaker shop based in Tokyo. ASICS SportStyle has often collaborated with mita sneakers for many years. bal is a fashion brand with the concept of proposing high-quality modern casual wear and graphics based on urban life in Tokyo. The GEL-LYTE Ⅲ had launched in 1990 as a running shoe, and has been widely deployed as a hero model as ASICS SportStyle to this day, from color updates to material updates. The split tongue, which is the symbol of this model, has been changed to a zipper.


- 1201A870.020

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