Dylan Jacket

$ 124.00 $ 248.00

he brand in 2011 with $300. We really didn't expect much, so the initial response from people was shocking. Getting 10 orders a day felt like we were really killing it. Looking back, obviously that was nothing, and as cliche as it is, everything was so simple then. Making bracelets was as easy as finding beads, coming up with a layout, taking product shots, and selling. We could release new bracelets daily. But we quickly realized that quality was key to not only long-lasting product but long-lasting customer relationships. It was always about improving the product and bringing something new to the table. We progressed from Gemstone Bracelets, to designing and casting our pendants and links. Clothing was always on my mind. Our introduction to clothing started with a photoshop mockup of a Sublimated Tee design. I posted the mockup on Instagram and it was undeniable by the response that we needed to release that tee. The Perseus Tee, the depiction of Perseus cutting off the head of Medusa. At that time, EVERYONE was using Medusa in their designs. It was basically us rebelling against the crowd. After that release and numerous consistent jewelry manufacturing issues, our clothing just pushed jewelry aside. But that whole process gave us a great foundation. "

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