David LaChapelle. Good News. Part II

$ 77

TASCHEN is proud to announce the long-awaited, latest and final publications from artist David LaChapelle: a two-volume project to complete his career-spanning anthology. Here, Good News picks up from Lost + Found, Part I, in a monumental curation of images never before published in book form. It marks a dramatic conclusion to LaChapelle’s five-book narrative, one that has captivated a generation of viewers across the globe.

Good News features:
Pamela Anderson, Lana Del Rey, Sharon Gault, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, David LaChapelle, Amanda Lepore, Miriam Makeba, Sergei Polunin, Tupac Shakur, Elizabeth Taylor, and many more...

  • Hardcover in box, 10.9 x 14 in., 7.84 lb, 276 pages

  • ISBN 978-3-8365-7046-6

  • Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

- 9783836570466

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