Camo Deck Shorts

$ 88 $ 175

Camo Deck Shorts - Organic Cotton - Aurora

Organic 3/1 Twill - DPM: Desert Rain

- Two front patch pockets

- Rear pocket

- Reversible

- Belt loops

- maharishi MILTYPE label

- Reflective side seam label

SS20’s camouflage acknowledges the increasing unpredictability of weather, as man treads so heavily on Earth. DPM: Desert Rain fuses East German Strichtarn rain camo with elements of U.S. Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU) ‘choc chip’ camo.

Organic cotton is a maharishi staple. Essential to every season, the fabric is FairTrade, environmentally friendly, regenerative and has a lighter carbon footprint than non-organic cotton.


- 8559

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