Kenny Burns 'Work Harder' GV Special

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Kenny Burns 'Work Harder' GV Special in Tan by PUMAWork Smarta & Harder, is the blueprint for getting everything you came for. Atlanta’s journey was hitting the red clay and never looking back, keeping your head forward and standing on the shoulders of the civil rights movement that led to the entrepreneurial movement that now embodies Atlanta. 

It’s harder with DC being the “crabs in a barrel” mentality city that it is, but the unification through go-go and culture and fashion to get us to the point where we opened the floodgates for music to enter the city, especially with artists such as Wale. It has been an honor and a blessing to represent both cities on a higher cliff being born and raised in Washington Dc and becoming a man in Atlanta, it’s truly a blessing.

Kenny Burns takes that blueprint to share it with the world through the Work Smarta & Harder campaign.

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