Bephies Beauty Supply Scrunchie Tee

$ 100

100% Cotton t-shirt that has a stitch treatment to it that contracts the t-shirt for a unique fit.  Because of the technique pretty much all t-shirts are a tight fit.  Bephie's Beauty Supply x Brand Jordan logo lock up on the chest. 

Unapologetic, powerful, and downright heat for the streets—the Jordan x Bephies Beauty Supply collection delivers a transgressive take on hoops fashion. Tapping into the zeitgeist of the late '90s hoops scene, this newly-released mixtape of pieces celebrates feminine strength and its many looks. From relaxed hoodies to a breezy slip dress and a sporty track 'fit, each design redefines your off-court style by tapping into founder Beth Birkett's ethos of honoring the individual and involving community.

- DR1893-680

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