paria /FARZANEH Pro Leather X2 Tech 'Grape Royal'

$ 140

In a new collaboration with Converse, paria /FARZANEH revisits the Pro Leather X2, a revamped take on the iconic court-to-street style. This edition complements the silhouette's exaggerated outsole and fashion-forward lean with a utilitarian zip-up design inspired by ‘90s sportswear and Iranian heritage. The neoprene bootie construction features a zip-up outer shell with a sleek color gradient print and hits of suede. paria /FARZANEH’s signature Iranian paisley, crafted with traditional wood blocking techniques, appears on the interior and sock liner. It’s an expression of heritage and modern style—with practical function for a world that demands it.

  • Limited-edition high top sneaker designed by paria /FARZANEH.

  • Fusion of '90s sport style, modern utility and Iranian heritage.

  • Signature paisley print on interior and sock liner.

  • Neoprene construction with zip-up outer shell.

  • Vibrant gradient print; fuse print details on midsole and hits of suede.

Limit 1 per customer. 

Multiple orders will result in all orders being canceled. 

No refunds or order cancellations. 

Discount codes not applicable.

 - 171842C

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