Fresh Rags Grid Web Manatee

$ 75 $ 150

FRESH RAGS and Saucony Original teamed up for an exclusive Grid Web -Fresh Springs Manatee collection.

Florida-based boutique, FRESH RAGS celebrates their location’s beauty of it’s natural springs and pays homage to the beloved Florida-native manatees. The Grid Web design is decked out in a grey “algae-textured” suede upper on top of grey mesh to mimic the rich skin and hues of a manatee. The heel of the shoe features green stitch accents representing spring water grass, flowing down onto a vintage white midsole. A glistening 2-tone ice sole and a reflective iridescent river logo make this a standout summer collaboration.

The FRESH RAGS x Saucony Grid Web “Manatee” comes swimming in seagrass tissue paper and a water camouflage box with additional rope laces that come in green and marshmallow.

Limit 1 per customer. 

Multiple orders will result in all orders being canceled. 

No refunds or order cancellations. 

Discount codes not applicable.

- S70598-1

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