This year for Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on Women of all styles that are currently making history within the creative community in Atlanta.

Today, we're giving the spotlight to Skylar Barrett, Founder of the newly-launched eyebrow beauty-brand Skybrows. Additionally offering services at the Atlanta-based salon Tinte Salon, her mission was to offer something to those not able to have their brows done by her in person.

Get to know Sky

I have been doing brows for 2.5 years now and just launched Skybrows in February! Myself and my clients were constantly testing out the latest brow products just to be disappointed by most of them, so I felt it was the perfect opportunity to create my own and to also be able to offer something to anyone not able to see me in person for their brow needs!

My best friend Leigha does my vibrant hair and we collab on ideas for it but honestly whatever she says goes and I’m obsessed with it every time! The pink has definitely become my brand now so it’s not going anywhere any time soon. I wouldn’t feel like me any other way!

I empower other women by helping them feel beautiful for themselves. I also aim to inspire women to not be afraid to change things up and wear whatever you love and feel the most confident in.


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