This year for Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on Women of all styles that are currently making history within the creative community in Atlanta.

Today, we're giving the spotlight to first generation Mexican-American Latina Leslie Tate, Founder of the vintage upcycling brand Trynab Studios and Creative Director of Collected ATL. Hand-selected by Leslie herself, Trynab Studios consists of mostly men's clothing from various thrift stores that are reworked to fit women with a love for streetwear while shedding a light on her passion for sustainable fashion.

Get to know Leslie

Growing up in second hand shops, I’ve always appreciated a good hand me down. As I got older, one challenge I began to face as a petite woman was finding clothes to fit my body and this alone lead me to start altering my garments at age 14, birthing my love for upcycling garments today!

Collected ATL has so much potential--not only have they been supplying Marietta, GA with vintage clothes for the last 4 years, but they have also built a brand out of it! Being able to help them expand and reach more people in the community is a dream come true. For our 4 years anniversary, we have a remodel of the shop coming to help us care for our garments before they hit the racks--stay tuned!

My favorite part about working with my husband everyday is knowing that everything isn’t on me anymore. After years of being a solo entrepreneur, I’ve finally met my match! Someone who is as passionate about second hand clothing as I am! We also get to travel the world and source clothes for a living!

I empower women through sustainable clothing! Giving them a more eco-friendly option to shop locally and upcycled garments that keep clothes out of the landfills.


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