This year for Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on Women of all styles that are currently making history within the creative community in Atlanta.

Today, we're giving the spotlight to Kayla Dané Shelton, Co-Founder of the music industry connect, the TMRO app. A platform that connects music industry professionals, the TMRO app is the number one app to source creatives and find clients as the industry connect — making it a trusted source for music and culture.

Get to know Kayla 

My name is Kayla Dané Shelton--I was born In Nashville and only lived there for 2 years before I moved around, but my first home is Atlanta and second home is California.

I’ve been an artist of some sort since about 6-years-old and it’s still very much important to me to choose true self expression every day.

I decided to create TmrO App because I personally understand the challenges of being a creative freelancer and entrepreneur. I know it’s not easy to connect, to get discovered, and most importantly, negotiating payments and getting paid on time for my work.

The TmrO App is a mobile marketplace created to serve for those areas. TmrO as a whole has become an ecosystem for the growing Music industry. We create educational content from industry vets and insiders, and we provide high quality creative services to individuals and companies through our in-house agency, TmrO Media.

I got started working in the music industry at 17 as a recording artist. The music industry kinda fell in my lap. I moved to Atlanta because I knew entertainment was calling me. After leaving my first group, I signed an artist deal with my group Bella at Warner Brothers through Chris Hicks. Through those deals I was also signed as a songwriter to Warner Chapple and got to work with so many of my favs.

The Tech industry is now, Tech is TmrO, tech is just the future for as far as I can see it. Finding a way to emerge myself into the tech space was key. I knew for me that I wanted a company that could scale, without me having to physically make a product, sell it and ship it. I had done that before and it became exhausting. So I found a way to bring my passion for solving problems into technology via our marketplace. It allows me to help people all over the world and I do most of my work on my phone.

I empower Women in so many ways--I hire women all the time. I buy their products. I book their venues. I pay them their rate and I don’t try to negotiate them lower. If I can’t pay their rate, I choose someone with a rate I can pay. I created an online series called Women Of TmrO, where we highlight women and allow them to share their powerful stories and perspectives. I’m so happy about all of it. 



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