This year for Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on Women of all styles that are currently making history within the creative community in Atlanta.

Today, we're giving the spotlight to Desiree DeCoteau, Atlanta-based DJ & Doula, Founder of Bae Worldwide & The Wombla. With an initial passion for Fashion Design & Marketing, she later immersed herself into music and have been riding the waves of herstory ever since.

Get to know Desiree

I've been DJing since 2013, so it's been 10 years now. I really enjoy being able to see people's spirits be lifted by the music alone. I've always tried to be super intentional about the selection, so It brings me immense joy seeing people appreciate my taste and who are also willing to go on a sonic journey with me.

I've been a Doula for a year now. Did my training last March with The National Black Doula Association.  I'm currently expected to attend my 3rd birth very soon. Honestly, being in the presence of birth and witnessing it is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. I'm excited to navigate and explore more as a birthworker this year. I'm also anticipating introducing sound waves and healing frequencies into my next attended birth. 

I enjoy spending most of my time alone. I find myself having to retreat and recharge often, so when I do I'm meditating, journaling, cooking, dancing, and diving down a Youtube rabbit hole. I guess you can say I'm gathering a lot of useful information that I'll probably never use.

I empower women firstly with my aura and secondly with my intentions. Any way I can be of service and provide resources/opportunities to other women has always been truly the driving force for me. I'm so inspired by all the women that surround me on a daily basis. I just love how we show up for each other. They empower me!


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