This year for Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on Women of all styles that are currently making history within the creative community in Atlanta.

Today, we're giving the spotlight to Cairo Umrani, Owner of the Atlanta-based creative studio and private event space U. Studio. Their mission is to provide a creative space and resources for local artists to learn, grow and present their art. 

Get to know Cairo

I am someone who continuously explores life and I’m having so much fun along the way. Every day, I discover something new about myself, and my passions have led me to the exact space I’m in now.

My favorite parts of my journey have been creating U. Studio, a blank canvas creative studio located within Atlanta. In addition to that, I [along with my sister Arabia] manage my favorite artist [my brother], UMRVNI.

I’ve been surrounded by art my entire life because of all the artists and creatives in my family. Growing up, I have so many memories of my dad selling his artwork at art markets everywhere from Venice Beach to Atlantic Station. Both of my parents instilled creativity and exploring my passions within my foundation.

On my journey through life, I started exploring the world. I was a flight attendant for six years. After a while, it became taxing on me and I wasn’t fulfilled. During the pandemic, I started searching for inspiration for what I wanted to do next in life. I found a pamphlet for a community center my parents opened before I was born in Pasadena, CA. It was called Umrani Cultural Center. The space focused on arts, culture, technology and providing resources to the youth within their community. That lit a fire in me to take that concept and recreate it to suit artists’ needs today. From there U. [Umrani] Studio was born.

My favorite part is seeing creatives walk inside and instantly start thinking of all the possibilities they can explore within the space. I love seeing creatives bring their dreams into fruition and having a designated space for that means so much.
The ultimate goal of U. Studio is to expand on what it is now. Continuing to provide a space for people like me to explore their passions in ways that propel them forward.
I empower Women by empowering myself first. I have proved to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to, regardless of any obstacles in the way. I want women to see that and know that they can do the same. The examples before us, in so many circumstances, shape our perspectives. To all the women reading this, specifically Black women - bet on yourself and know that you can make shit happen.


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