While we continue to celebrate Black History Month, remembering the achievements, contributions, resilience, and legacies, we want to also shed a light on Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders leaving their mark in our community, presently and in the future. 

We had the chance to learn more about Atlanta-based DJ, Producer, and co-founder of Player 99, Thrice Groove, while he stopped by to check out new arrivals of the Amsterdam-based, Black-owned brand, Patta.

By trade, I lend my creative energy via the musical realm. My initial start and the cornerstone has been DJing, as well as producing. It has granted me the most incredible and shape shifting opportunities. I am also co-founder of Player 99 (@player99intl), which cultivates progressive and inclusive experiences here in ATL + beyond. Our primary focus is being a beacon of connectivity through music, visual arts + lifestyle.

This path became clearer once I left college, feeling like I had more that I wanted to contribute. I was the one burning CDs, loading iPods with songs, and having in depth conversations about the amazing music world around me. So it seems to have been meant for me all along to be on this journey.

I want to be able to really foster and exhibit an element of togetherness, for we truly are all we've got. To make sure the world knows that this city has more to offer and pushes the needle in more ways than one. With that on the forefront of my mind, I want to be able to aid in providing resources + platforms that really allow my peers and those after me to know that the “coast is clear” and that we never have to think twice about doing what we love and fear of compromising. Experiencing and traveling the world is also something important to me.

Additionally, to make sure that I can help and continue to pour into Player 99 and make sure we can continue to be a bridge to the outside world through our creative endeavors and doing what we love at all times. Self-care is a major player these days. Really taking heed to “focusing on my focus” as my parents always say. Taking things one day at a time, what’s for you will always be. Keep an open ear, heart & mind, for we're always students amongst this journey. And so, we keep going.

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