While we continue to celebrate Black History Month, remembering the achievements, contributions, resilience, and legacies, we want to also shed a light on Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders leaving their mark in our community, presently and in the future. 

We had the chance to learn more about Neil Sneider, the Atlanta-based Producer and Founder of the creative production house Agenda Studios & caribbean bakery Murphys NYC located in Manhattan. Meanwhile, he checked out new arrivals of black-owned brand A-COLD-WALL.

After half a year of shooting content with my iPhone, I opened Agenda Studios with a 7K personal investment. Agenda started in 2020 as a photography studio and after having our first major video production, we changed our business model and shifted Agenda to become a film studio.

Murphy’s was a failing coffee shop in East Village. I invested and changed the concept after noticing that they were no restaurants that served authentic patties in Manhattan; only Brooklyn and Queens. Two weeks after opening the bakery, we went viral for being accused of as not being black-owned. After putting my story out, Murphy’s grew to become a 6-figure restaurant in our first 7 months of opening the business.

My goal for the future is to grow my current companies and start new ones. I have a daughter, River who is 7. After her birth, legacy and building wealth became the main things at the forefront for me. With that being said, the future to me is founding and building long lasting companies that my children, their children, and their children can manage (if they choose to) and reap the benefits from it. Generational wealth is the ultimate goal for me.

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