While we continue to celebrate Black History Month, remembering the achievements, contributions, resilience, and legacies, we want to also shed a light on Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders leaving their mark in our community, presently and in the future. 

We had the chance to learn more about Atlanta-based photographers and founders of AB+DM Studio, Ahmad Barber & Donté Maurice, while they stopped by to check out new arrivals of Honor the Gift & Études X Jean-Michel Basquiat.

It all started as a friendship and support system. We would also help each other when it came to our own personal/solo photo shoots and one day we had the idea to start working together. There has been so many duos in the industry but one we thing we realized was that there weren’t any black photography duos. Since we already loved working together we decided to take that next step to create what is now AB+DM.

The ultimate goal is to do the Lord’s will. While we’re here on this earth we want to make sure the full potential that we have to our most maximum capacity and we’ve only been able to discovery that through our relationship with him. We want to also inspire and create references for the future generations to pull from any time they need inspirations for their art!

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