While we continue to celebrate Black History Month, remembering the achievements, contributions, resilience, and legacies, we want to also shed a light on Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders leaving their mark in our community, presently and in the future. 

We had the chance to learn more about Atlanta-based founder of the hand-whipped body butter brand Jentl, Kiana Baldon, also known as Ki or Kiko by friends, while she stopped by to check out new arrivals of Honor the Gift.

I am the founder and mind behind 'JENTL, a whipped body butter line that focuses on the importance of an honest conversation through mindfulness, play, and vulnerability. We believe that in order to have an open and honest conversation with others, we must first practice doing that within ourselves first.

Although 'JENTL is a body butter, the emphasis in the language surrounding it lends itself to being utilized as a tool. 'JENTL, pronounced "gentle" is just as soft and luxurious as it sounds. It is a hug on the brightest, and rainiest of days.

There was a direct pipeline of being the kid who liked playing with dirt at recess to now harnessing the element of play and release, and incorporating it into a practice that's encapsulated in a single product.

My main goal is to nerd out, persistently. To share, genuinely.

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